Endowed Membership Program

Endowed Membership Program

Make one final dues payment for life.
Create a Lodge endowment fund.
Leave a living legacy.
All for only $800

The bottom line is simple, you pay no more Lodge dues. Perry Lodge # 185 will receive the benefit of your endowed fund for as long as the Lodge exits.

Dues are only going up but, with the Endowed Membership, you will never have to worry about dues increases again. In just over 13 ½ years, you will have paid for your Endowed fund at the current rate of $65 per year.

If you are interested in buying an Endowed Membership to memorialize or honor someone, or if you wish to purchase a membership on the installment plan, you must contact your Lodge Secretary for more information.

How it works……….

  1. Fill out the form by clicking here.
  2. Send the completed form and the full amount or the amount specified in the installation plan below to the Lodge Secretary no later than August 31st. If you elect to pay on the installation plan, the last payment must be received prior to August 31st.
  3. The form may be mailed to 788 East State Street, Salem, Ohio 44460, to the attention of the Lodge Secretary or you may email the form to perrylodge185@gmail.com.
  4. Normally, you would need to pay an additional year of dues in order for the Endowed fund to earn value over the course of year. Perry Lodge # 185 has elected to waive the additional dues year. This means that you will save $65 by purchasing an Endowed fund.
  5. Once the Endowed fund has been purchased, you will not receive any further dues notices. Your existing dues card will be renewed yearly for life.

Payment Plan Option……….

There are 12 months currently to the deadline date of August 31, 2018. In order for the full amount to be paid by that date, please use the below schedule to meet the deadline date. If you have any questions in regards to the payment plan or the Endowed fund, please reach out to the Lodge Secretary via email, perrylodge185@gmail.com, or phone. Payment may be made by mailing a check to 788 East State Street, Salem, Ohio 44460 or by clicking here.

The first payment will be due in September 2016. Each payment should be $66.67. This is a 12 month month payment plan. If a month is missed, you will need to submit the late payment as well as the current to keep the plan in tact. You may also pay in quarters if you wish. Each quarter would be $200 and result in four (4) payments. You may also pay per half at $400 per half. Again, the total due, $800.00, must be paid and proper paperwork, fill out the form by clicking here , prior to August 31, 2018.